(Virtually) celebrating CPD greatness

The Coronavirus pandemic didn't stop agencies from celebrating CPD Gold and Platinum with virtual drinks, homemade certificates and more.

With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing us all to stay in our homes, our usual CPD Gold and Platinum celebrations at the annual IPA Members’ Lunch were put on ice last week.

However, that didn’t stop agencies across the country celebrating their amazing achievements in developing exceptional professional development programmes. There were virtual drinks, videos, gifs, and much more from 38 extremely proud agencies.

Here are some of our favourites.

Advertising Association

Virtual drinks were in order for the Advertising Association, as they celebrated earning their first CPD Gold at the very first attempt.

aa cpd.jpg

Aprilsix Mobility - Formerly RLA Group

RLA achieved CPD Gold for the first time this year, and celebrated in style with this amazing homemade video.


m/SIX employed a creative take on their Zoom meeting to celebrate achieving CPD Gold for the second time with this gorgeous visual.

msix cpd.jpg

MediaCom and MediaCom Edinburgh

MediaCom and MediaCom Edinburgh have achieved CPD Gold for an incredible 11 consecutive years. Understandably, they wanted a well-earned virtual drink to celebrate.

mediacom cpd.jpg


Medialab celebrated their first ever CPD Gold by turning their weekly agency quiz Gold for the day, with some outstanding commitment from everyone involved.

Medialab Gold quiz.jpg


Now have gone double Platinum, earning their CPD Platinum for the second time, and celebrated accordingly with this stunning new take on their logo.

Now CPD Platinum.PNG

St Luke's

The team at St Luke's proved themselves to be dab hands at arts and crafts, creating these homemade certificates to celebrate earning their third consecutive CPD Gold.

st lukes cpd.jpg

Total Media and Total Media Connect

Total Media are one of only two agencies to achieve CPD Gold every year since the Accreditation was launched, an incredible twelve consecutive years. Here, they are celebrating their Solihull agency Total Media Connect it's first CPD Gold with some phenomenal GIF work.



One of only two healthcare agencies to earn CPD Gold this year, Wordbird's celebration video proves that they are truly 24 Carat Gold.

Last updated 01 May 2024