Shift happens

What the evolution of in-housing means for agencies

This paper re-examines the role of in-housing in the entirety of the marketing ecosystem, including the role of the technology giants, such as Alphabet (Google), Meta (Facebook) and Amazon, who continue to build advertising processes and self-serve options in their platforms.

Shift happens

Rhona Glazebrook and Janet Markwick authored this paper following a commission from the IPA Commercial Leadership Group, which aims to support the growth of profitable business by championing the development of a strong commercial culture throughout agency organisations. The purpose of this paper is to share a variety of in-housing models and approaches that are in place today and more importantly understand why in-housing has matured to become so prevalent in marketing ecosystems and what the evolution of in-housing means to agencies in the future.

This paper has brought together learnings and experiences from industries and sectors within advertising and beyond. The aim is to understand the critical role that in-housing plays in the marketing mix and share valuable insight to help agencies develop their own strategies and solutions. 

Watch the recording of the IPA Business Growth Conference 2023 session introducing the report