Benefits of becoming an IPA agency member

IPA membership will give your agency's resources a welcome boost.

We represent the very best of UK advertising in all its forms, which is why membership of the IPA is only open to businesses involved in advertising, media and communications. Being an IPA member lets you draw on a huge repository of advertising knowledge and advice.

When you join the IPA, your agency will immediately begin to benefit from a wide range of services and knowledge. You can make use of our free legal, financial and production advisory services.

We can help you with any aspect of running an agency whether it's about the people or the infrastructure costs. And we can help you handle your client's business too, from campaign planning to pricing and billing models. Whatever you need help with, just ask. Or have a look at the Knowledge Centre, our online library of everything we have ever published.

The benefits of Agency Membership

    Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    We champion continuous professional development and offer a comprehensive programme of learning to help you nurture your people's skills. The benefit is felt both by your people and the agency. They stay relevant and keep up with the fast-changing market and you grow the business and continue to meet your client's needs. 

    Trusted Legal Advice

    This service is used by over 80% of our members. It's free and for some, it's the main reason to be a member. The team, led by Richard Lindsay covers advertising/marcomms and employment law. IP, the CAP Codes, contracts, GDPR, clearance questions are our bread and butter. Then, there are the people issues of disciplinaries, TUPE transfers, redundancies and managing absences.

    Valuable Insights

    With a wealth of premium data and analysis on brands and consumers at our fingertips, we're able to help your agency with research, analysis and statistics to help with new business pitches, campaign planning and internal brainstorming.

    Production Knowledge

    So you are making a commercial and have hit a snag? Maybe with a visa, or with clearance? Perhaps you need to understand the rules of running an international campaign. Don't worry, just call and our experts will help solve the problem quickly and easily.

    Discounts on Industry Research

    You can access industry research like ABC, BARB, JICRIT, NRS and Route at discounted rates. You'll also be able to access our unique TouchPoints tools, which give unrivalled insights into the relationship between consumers’ daily lives and their media usage.

    Find New Talent

    We'll help you find the stars of the future through a variety of programmes for graduates. And you can advertise vacancies free of charge on Job board

    The Pitch Protection Centre

    New biz is exciting, but it pays to be careful you don't give all your ideas away for nothing. We understand the pitch process and protecting your agency's work when it comes to pitching is just one of the ways we can help.


    The IPA Tenders service is no longer available from 30 September 2019 due to reduced demand across UK member agencies. We recommend sites such as the Official Journal (OJEU) or, or paid for services such as for future tenders information.

    Please get in touch if you would like to join the IPA community or find out more.

    Lisa Jones

    Head of New Business


    0207 201 8277

    Last updated 01 May 2024