Creative Effectiveness

Effectiveness Research & Analysis

Creative quality is one of the biggest factors determining the financial impact of campaigns. A range of presentations and reports analysing the evidence and best practice for developing the most effective creative approaches to advertising.

(Recommended) Video: Accelerating excellence in digital creativity Award-winning strategist Tom Roach provides his choice of data and examples on what distinguishes the average, good and excellent in digital creative. (October 2023)

Video: Digital video demonstrates the 'timeless importance of the show' System1's Orlando Wood and John O'Gorman of Amazon present analysis and data on effective uses of online video. (October 2023)

Webinar: The Third Age of Effectiveness Tom Roach provides the creative segment in a triple decker presentation with Les Binet and Dr Grace Kite about the most effective strategies for our era. (June 2023)

Video: Developing brand building advertising – a panel Orlando Wood and representatives from Specsavers and Twinings share tips on how clients and agencies can work together better to encourage brand-enhancing creativity. (October 2022)

Video: Sir John Hegarty on the creativity of business The famed BBH co-founder gives his view that creativity is at the heart of successful companies. (October 2022)

Video: The links between the visual arts and advertising Orlando Wood and art expert Mary Attwood discuss how understanding of visual art can build meaning and audience connection into communications. (October 2021)

Video: James Hurman analysis of creativity The strategist-author explains how to use a 'Creative Ladder' framework to encourage investment in high quality advertising creative, also discussed in his conversation with Peter Field. (October & June 2020)

News & Video: What features should online video prioritise for effectiveness Research by Orlando Wood uses brain science to identify which elements in online video ads are most likely to win over audiences. (October 2020) 

Publication: The crisis in creative effectiveness Peter Field's analysis of the IPA Effectiveness Databank that identified a decline in advertisers' commitment to highly creative advertising to build brands over a longer timeframe. See Peter present his findings. (October 2019)

Video: The importance of characters and story-telling for long-term ad effectiveness System1 presentation of features that make ads memorable and effective. (October 2018) See earlier related video. (October 2017)

Presentation: Lessons from the 2016 IPA Effectiveness Award winners Insights about the creative and media characteristics of IPA award-winning campaigns by John Lewis and Guinness. (November 2016)

Publication: Selling Creativity Short What happens when advertisers under-invest in creative excellence? Using evidence from the IPA Effectiveness Databank, Peter Field provides his answer. (June 2016)

Last updated 01 May 2024