Effectiveness Research & Analysis

The IPA's main resources about measurement in one place, discussing what and how to measure – from share of voice and attention metrics to the post-cookie digital era.

(Recommended) Publication: Creating an effective measurement strategy From developing a hierarchy of metrics to crafting the right measurement team and definitions of success. You can also watch a debate on the report. (October 2018)

Webinar: Attention, econometrics and measurement A session from outdoor group Talon on eye-tracking, econometrics, and cross-media measurement trends in the outdoor industry. (October 2023)

Blog: Hard decisions on share of voice in hard times Thinkbox's Matt Hill argues that buying share of voice may be unpopular but can pay back by helping grow pricing power and market share. (May 2023)

Video: Battle of the share measures Leading industry figures debate the relative merits of share of voice, share of search, and share of attention metrics. (October 2022)

Webinar & Publication: The new boundaries of tracking and post-cookie measurement Ex-Kantar chair Andy Brown outlines the impact of changes in digital tracking and measurement. (October 2022)

Webinar: How can privacy and effectiveness measurement in digital be balanced? Measurement export Simeon Duckworth leads a discussion of industry figures. (October 2022)

Blog: Prepare now for a digital future without cookies A post by Kevin O'Farrell of Analytic Partners on the steps marketers can take to adapt to the phasing out of cookies for tracking and measuring digital audiences. (October 2021)

Webinar: Combining Share of Voice and Attention Metrics Professor Karen Nelson-Field and Rob Brittain discuss their research on attention and share voice for the Advertising Council of Australia. (October 2021)

Video: Eco-effectiveness, the missing climate crisis metric Agency execs argue that demonstrations of advertising effectiveness should also measure the carbon impact created by campaigns. (October 2021)

Publication: Positive Brand Friction – Maximising value from customer experience Based on interviews with clients, agencies, and experts, consultant Nick Milne argues that customer experience can create business value and marketing should become more influential in this area. (October 2020)

Publication: The increasing importance of digital experience and how to measure it Simon James of Publicis Sapient on how brands can grow by offering positive digital user experiences. (October 2019)

Publication: Three Grand Challenges in Measuring Effectiveness A Google paper on incrementality, 'measuring the long-term today', and creating a unified theory of all measurement. (June 2019)

Blog: Launching the ARC database project to improve effectiveness insights Dr Grace Kite posts on the objectives and approach used to create ARC's database of econometrically evaluated cases. (May 2019)

Blog: The trade-offs between attribution and incrementality Kate Cox argues for the need to test incremental effects from individual channels without slowing marketers' decision-making. (March 2018)

Last updated 01 May 2024