Case Studies Analysis

Effectiveness Research & Analysis

Analysing individual cases and trends across the IPA Effectiveness Databank can identify successful marketing strategies. Collated over decades, IPA Effectiveness Awards cases provide a uniquely detailed source of evidence for what works in marketing.

(Recommended) Blog: Chart your way to awards success Advice on how you can make charts impactful, using examples from the 2022 IPA Effectiveness Award winners. (February 2024)

Publication: Insights from the 2022 IPA Effectiveness Awards An analysis produced by Warc of quantitative and qualitative trends from cases in the IPA Effectiveness Awards. (January 2023)

Publication: Advertising Works 26 Order you copy of the latest in our renowned series of books, citing practical lessons and in-depth examples from winning cases in each Effectiveness Awards. (October 2022)

Blog: Five effectiveness case charts to learn from How winning authors in the 2020 awards used charts to stand out from their competition. (March 2022)

Publication: Effective on purpose Examining evidence from the IPA Effectiveness Databank of how cases have provided proof that their use of brand purpose resulted in beneficial business outcomes and other sought after effects. (January 2022)

Webinar: Lessons from 2020 IPA Effectiveness Award Winners Using the theme of 'brand believers', this Warc presentation showcases insights from cases involving Lloyds, Wagamama, and the Cotswold Company furniture retailer. (October 2021)

Blog: Why digital-first brands still need non-digital brand building Short post analysing how some digital-first brands have benefitted from non-digital brand media to gain awareness and achieve commercial growth. (April 2021)

Presentation: How to stage a brand recovery Former Awards Convenor Bridget Angear identifies five principles in turnarounds of ailing brands demonstrated in IPA Effectiveness Award-winning cases. (April 2015)

Publication: Behavioural strategies in action Nick Southgate and Rory Sutherland explain the seven principles of behavioural economics and outline successful behavioural strategies from IPA Effectiveness case studies. (January 2015)

Publication: Effective marketing strategies for food and drink cases Serial IPA Effectiveness Award winner Andy Nairn analyses winning food and drink cases from the competition to identify the characteristics of the most successful. (October 2013)

Publication: Effective marketing strategies for automotive brands Andy Nairn, a previous IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix winner, analyses IPA award winning automotive cases. (October 2013) 

Last updated 01 May 2024