The Key Works of Les Binet & Peter Field

Effectiveness Research & Analysis

More than a decade of presentations from the effectiveness experts examining the evidence about the best business outcomes from investing in marketing, such as the '60:40 rule', 'crisis in creativity' and other breakthrough concepts.

(Recommended) Video: How 'The Long and the Short of It' changed the conversation about effectiveness Les & Peter speak about the enduring impact of their seminal IPA report. (October 2023). If you haven't read it, start with this primer.

Webinar: The Third Age of Effectiveness In this triple-bill on effectiveness in the digital era, Les gauges how well digital marketing and measurement have matched up to claims made for them, econometrician Dr Grace Kite looks at the best performing mix of channels, and strategist Tom Roach advises on digital creativity. (June 2023)

Webinar: A Planning Framework for a world turned upside down In a two-part session, Les details how inflation and higher interest rate make for a challenging environment and provides his guidance about how brands can optimise marketing investments in turbulent times. (December 2022). Watch the related presentation from October 2022.

Video: The effectiveness of Brand Purpose Examining data from the IPA Effectiveness Databank, Peter describes the challenges and opportunities for brands aiming to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns featuring a brand purpose. In a post, Peter discusses the debate that followed. (October 2021)

Webinar: Using Share of Search to gauge consumer demand A deep dive by Les with James Hankins into the uses of share of search to predict movements in market share and evaluate brand or advertising performance. (November 2020). James presented further research in October 2021. 

Article & Webinar: Share of Search as a predictive measure The concise session by Les, kicking off the IPA's work on share of search. (October 2020)

Webinar: Ladders, lemons and other routes to long-term brand building In a combined session with effectiveness authors James Hurman and Orlando Wood, Peter discusses the most effective creative strategies and media investments. Sue Unerman of EssenceMediacom asks the questions. (July 2020)

Webinar: Navigating the COVID recession During the first lockdown, Peter, in partnership with LinkedIn, reviewed which lessons from past economic downturns could help marketers steer through the economic turmoil from the pandemic. (April 2020)

Video: The crisis in creative effectiveness Analysing evidence from creative award-winning cases also in the IPA Effectiveness Databank, Peter identifies the characteristics of the best performing advertising creative and flags the trends deterring businesses from investing in high quality creative communications for long-term impact. (October 2019)  

Publication: Effectiveness in Context Using updated analysis of the IPA Effectiveness Databank, this in-depth report provides evidence of how the optimal marketing mix can differ with brand type and context. (October 2018)

Video: Launching Effectiveness in Context Watch the original presentation of highlights from 'Effectiveness in Context' at the IPA's 2018 conference on effectiveness. (October 2018)

Downloadable Charts: The Greatest Hits of Binet & Field Award-winning strategist Tom Roach provides his pick of the best charts from the duo's influential IPA reports. (March 2018)

Publication: Media in Focus – Marketing in the Digital Era Taking account of the time consumers spend on digital media, this IPA Effectiveness Databank report updates guidance about the most effective approaches to budget splits, channel selection, audience targeting, and other strategic questions. (October 2017)

Publication: The Long and The Short of It The most influential IPA Effectiveness Databank report with a consistent evidence-based message about the marketing strategies to prioritise to achieve a range of immediate and sustained business outcomes. (November 2013)

Presentation: 10 Principles for Success from 'The Long and the Short of It' Your primer on the insights and advice about balancing marketing priorities, as set out in the classic IPA report. (October 2013)

Publication: Marketing in the Era of Accountability The pair's original must-read analysis encompassing the most effective objective setting, the importance of fame building advertising, the pitfalls from over-prioritising ROI and many other insights that laid the groundwork for reports to come. (October 2007)

Last updated 01 May 2024