Marketing in Uncertainty

Effectiveness Research & Analysis

In unpredictable environments, forewarned is forearmed. Research on marketing during COVID, recession and other challenging markets.

(Recommended) Webinar: Marketing in a world turned upside down Les Binet offers his guide to adapting marketing plans for a dramatically changed economy of inflation, higher interest rates, and volatile supply chains. (December 2022)

Publication: FT/IPA Reports  Through COVID, recession, the cost of living crisis and other factors, this series of short PDFs has summarised relevant IPA evidence and cases. (2019 – ongoing)

Page: Cost of Living Resources A collection of IPA reports to help you adapt to changing economic times. (Ongoing)

Video: Marketing in the post-COVID economy A 30-minute version of Les Binet's presentation on how to create a planning framework for a world emerging from the pandemic into the era of higher inflation and interest rates. (November 2022)

Video: What the COVID era can tell us about brand investment in challenging times Dr Grace Kite and IRI's Carl Carter look at the longer-term lessons we can draw from marketing during the coronavirus pandemic. (November 2022)

Webinar: Budget Britain – brands and the cost of living crunch Leading figures from ITV, Unilever and Aldi's agency McCann Manchester discuss how advertisers can engage with cash-strapped UK consumers. (April 2022)

Video: Living with the pandemic A presentation by Enders Analysis on the short-term and longer-term consumer behaviour trends from the first 18 months of the coronavirus period. (October 2021)

Video: COVID update on the Board-Brand Rift During the first year of the pandemic, the FT and IPA researched how the business priorities of company boards had changed. (October 2020)

Webinar: State of the Nation presentation in 2020 IPA Effectiveness Leadership Group Chair Pip Hulbert presents a snapshot of consumer attitudes and behaviour during the first year of pandemic. (October 2020).

Webinar: Effective marketing during the pandemic A webinar bringing together speakers from Thinkbox, Wavemaker, Gain Theory, and Essence Mediacom. (October 2020)

Webinar: Google Insights on brand and consumer behaviour during the early pandemic Featuring contributions from Virgin, McCann, adam&eveDDB, and Google. (October 2020)

Webinar: Creative advertising approaches in lockdown System1's Orlando presents evidence on how viewers reacted to the more empathetic creative styles aired in TV ads during the first lockdown. (May 2020)

Webinar: Marketing during a recession – pandemic update Working with LinkedIn's B2B Institute, Peter Field updates industry research on advertising during a recession to include guidance on how to cope with the pandemic-induced slowdown. (April 2020)

Publication: Advertising in a downturn Seminal report setting out the business case for not slashing investment during an economic slump, based on data from recessions up to 2008. (March 2008)

Last updated 01 May 2024