Worth its weight in gold (or platinum)

Lessons for this year's IPA CPD Gold programme

Georgina Bramall, Marketing Strategy Director at giffgaff, served as Chair of Judges for this year's IPA CPD Gold programme. Here, she outlines her key takeaways from the process.

Serving as the Chair of Judges for this year's IPA CPD Gold programme has been a truly inspiring experience and enabled me to witness at first-hand both the incredible rigour of the CPD assessment process and the transformative impact that an embedded culture of continuous professional development can bring to a business, whether that’s a large, networked agency or much smaller independent. 

Fostering development holistically not only hugely benefits the individual, but also manifests across the wider eco-system in positive client feedback, successful pitch wins and greater business retention rates; it’s a commitment that truly unlocks growth on every level.

Georgina Bramall, Marketing Strategy Director at giffgaff and Chair of Judges, IPA CPD Gold programme

A sense of belonging

It’s one thing having a room full of different people, it’s another thing those people having a sense of belonging. In this year’s entries, it’s clear that agencies are increasingly recognising the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive environments where every individual feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. Through comprehensive DE&I initiatives and a greater and growing shared understanding of neurodivergence and the benefits it can unlock, agencies are not only addressing systemic inequalities but also cultivating a more dynamic and innovative industry that reflects the richness of the communities it serves. This further translates into talent benefits; by enabling candidates to see their place more transparently within the agency environment, those who might not have thought about a career in advertising or media are being encouraged to take those first steps.

A healthier and more productive future

Investing in well-being today paves the way for a healthier and more productive future. According to the recent 2024 IPA survey into mental health in the workplace, 49% of all employees believe their workplace should be doing more to support mental health and well-being at work. The top agencies are addressing this challenge and leading the way by investing in resources to empower their people with the skills needed to navigate challenges and thrive both personally and professionally. By promoting a culture that prioritises mental health, encourages openness and transparency and supports well-being, these initiatives not only bolster individual resilience but also contribute to a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Balancing people, planet and profit to maintain a leading edge

As Marketing Strategy Director working at giffgaff a certified B Corp, I really appreciate how difficult it can be balancing the pressures of running a business day-to-day alongside challenging what’s expected and disrupting with what’s needed. The leading submissions this year showed a real commitment to embracing new ways of thinking and new models of working, committing time and resources to upskill in areas such as carbon literacy and calculation, generative Ai and ML led automation, as well as building connections locally to advance social mobility and opportunities within the community. It’s clear carving out time and resources to driving these initiatives at all levels within the agency from C-Suite to more entry-level positions is translating into a leading edge for those agencies who have made those commitments with positive client reactions and the unlocking of new business growth.

Worth its weight in gold (or platinum)

It’s very clear having reviewed the high-quality submissions this year that the investment in and commitment to continuous professional development really does pay back in gold (or platinum) for our people and the broader businesses in which they work, building the foundations for future long-term success and prosperity against the backdrop of a highly dynamic and constantly evolving landscape. These successful agencies are modelling the positive impact that commitment to CPD can deliver and in doing so are helping to lift the industry as a whole and truly make our workplaces a much better place.

Georgina Bramall is Marketing Strategy Director at giffgaff and Chair of Judges for this year's IPA CPD Gold programme.

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Last updated 03 June 2024