Making Sense: The Commercial Media Landscape (First Edition)

A TouchPoints data report

TouchPoints has partnered with Facebook in the production of this report in order to produce an independent view of the media landscape today.

This report draws on retrospective analysis of TouchPoints data to help to demystify the commercial landscape today and is a valuable starting point for any media planning decisions. Some findings may be what you expected to see, whilst others may challenge your perceptions and make you think again about the reality of commercial media consumption today.

A few notes about the methodology

The survey is media neutral and provides context for all media consumption. Throughout this report we have taken care to ensure that data is presented in a media-neutral way. Calculations of average hours spent with media are based on per capita calculations rather than just the users of each media so that everything is compared on the same basis. Keys within charts are listed alphabetically to ensure consistency of reporting. Out of Home (OOH) advertising is only referenced in the first section, because our definition of Out of Home exposure is based on time spent out of the home rather than specifically engaging with Out of Home media, which is the case for everything else.