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Advertising people are a diverse bunch. They have to be if they are going to truly understand everything about a brand’s consumers and use the latest technology to our best advantage. Whatever background you’re from, educational level you’ve achieved, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, your skills lie in art, humanities, STEM subjects, analytics or you’re great at building excellent relationships – advertising could be the right career for you.

Helping you find your place in the advertising industry


    The chart below gives a broad overview of the types of roles that would fit your particular strengths. It’s by no means set in stone – but it’s a good place to start when considering the jobs that you’d enjoy and are suited to in the industry.




    Diagonal Brain

    Linear Brain

    Lateral Brain

    Can you move from logical, linear thinking to leaps of faith and intuition? Do you mind a bit of conflict but can also pay attention to how people feel? You could be an account executive, producer, or a project manager.

    Do you think logically and plan things to get from A to B? Consider working as a developer making websites, analysing data or planning campaigns. Below are just some of the roles you may be interested in:

    Are you creative, imaginative and enjoy playing with ideas? Would you like to invent compelling advertising that addresses a brand’s business problem? The roles most suited to those with lateral brains are:

    Account Executive, Creative Services & Production

    Strategic Planning, Media Planning and Buying, Developer, Digital/Social Media, UX, Econometrician

    Art Director, Copywriter, Designer/Digital

    Job Descriptions


    See below a list of jobs for you to explore roles in advertising. Click on the job titles to find out more.

    Agency Management

    Chief Operating Officer

    The COO reports directly to the Managing Director, and works in close partnership with them. A member of the senior leadership team, they are normally a member of Agency Board.

    Group Financial Analyst

    A Group Financial Analyst typically supports the Head of Financial Reporting/ and or the Group CFO in respect of all Group reporting requirements.

    Growth Director

    The Growth Director is most the senior lead for growing new business for the agency in both the local market and across the network. They are the ambassador of the agency and its work.

    Head of Finance/CFO

    The Head of Finance is responsible for the financial health of the agency. This role includes preparing and presenting financial statements and business activity reports.

    HR Business Partner

    The HR Business Partner provides exceptional HR operational and support to people managers and employees across the agency.

    Managing Director

    The Managing Director oversees all of the activities of an agency, whether an independent company or a subsidiary of a larger group.

    Client Service

    Account Director

    The Account Director leads a client account, or set of accounts, within the agency, ensuring that they are profitable and growing.

    Account Executive

    The Account Executive, and wider account management team, manage the relationship between the client and the agency.

    Account Manager

    The Account Manager, and wider account management team, are the bridge between the client and the agency.

    Media Account Director

    The Media Account Director leads client accounts within the agency, ensuring that they are profitable, and growing.


    Art Director

    Art Directors are responsible for the creation and development of advertising ideas, with particular focus on their visual appearance. These ideas can exist in many formats from print to film to online.


    Copywriters are responsible for the creation and development of advertising ideas, with particular focus on the written words (copy) within these.

    Creative Director

    Creative Directors shape the creative environment and culture in the agency where great ideas are born and can thrive. They stimulate creative energy and nurture the creative talent.

    Studio Manager

    Studio Managers are usually in creative agencies where they oversee, support and manage the delivery of design projects. They understand all of the elements of the design process from end -to -end.

    Junior Creative

    Junior Creatives come up with creative ideas which help bring forward fresh thinking and transform businesses and behaviour.

    Creative Services

    Agency Producer

    The Producer is responsible for taking the agreed creative idea and bringing the clients’ wishes to life on air and/or on screens and other channels. This role requires strong TV/film skills.

    Art Buyer

    The role of Art Buyer is to support the Creative Services, Content Studio, Creative Departments in producing new still images. They find and recommend the best e.g. photographers or illustrators.

    Creative Services Manager

    The Creative Services Manager oversees the production and delivery of an advertising agency’s work. They project manage the process of turning creative ideas into tangible outputs.

    Web Developer

    Web Developers are computer programmers that specialise in the coding, design and creation of websites and applications that run within web browsers, either on a computer or mobile device.

    Business Affairs, Broadcast Affairs, Production Affairs and/or TV Administration Roles

    This role generally acts as key support to the production department plus managing risk on the work produced for the Agency which can be film or print productions, events or even stunts.


    Full Stack Developer

    A Full Stack Developer is skilled with both the front end and back ends of a website or application. They solve difficult problems and build beautiful and intuitive features which are focused on the user’s website experience.

    Social Media Manager

    The Social Media Manager supports the team with social media strategy and execution for the client/agency’s (global) social media channels.

    User Experience (UX) Design Executive

    User Experience (UX or UE) Designers focus on the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product. This includes aspects of branding, design, usability and function.


    Finance Assistant

    The Finance Assistant supports the Finance Manager (or other) in maintaining and delivering accurate and timely financial information, following internal controls and processes.

    Billing and Purchases Manager

    The Billing and Purchases Manager is responsible for the smooth running of both the Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) function of the finance team.

    Management Accountant

    The Management Accountant is responsible for the company’s accounts and all the processes to account for, run and deliver a monthly TB, P&L, Balance Sheet, Aged debtors and Aged creditors for the agency.

    Media Buying

    Biddable Executive

    The Biddable Account Executive delivers market-leading campaign activation, execution and performance analysis for Paid Social and Search Campaigns.

    Media Buyer

    Media Buyers negotiate and purchase media space and airtime on behalf of clients. These purchases are led by the media plans that are developed to best reach a client’s target audience.

    Operations Executive - Media

    The Operation Executive focuses on the tracking and monitoring of media briefs and deals; providing responses to off-line media briefs within agreed timelines.

    Programmatic Executive

    Programmatic advertising buying uses software to buy advertising. Programmatic buying uses machines and algorithms to inform the purchase of the most relevant and appropriate display space.

    New Business

    Head of Marketing

    This role builds the reputation and profile of the agency and supports the New Business Team in the conversion of new business.

    Marketing Executive

    The Marketing Executive assists the Head of Marketing/PR or Communications with the delivery of the annual PR, Communications and Marketing strategy.

    New Business Director

    The New Business Director is responsible for creating the new business strategy to develop a robust new business pipeline. They promote and represent the agency and are often the first point of contact for a potential client.

    New Business Executive

    The New Business Executive supports the New Business Director with the implementation of the new business strategy. They support with a mix of in- bound and out bound marketing.

    Strategic Planning


    The Econometrician optimises the advertising mix and promotional tactics to influence sales, increase Return on Investment (ROI) or incremental revenue to support clients’ business objectives.

    Insight Executive

    Insight executives use data collected from premium resources, as well as their own knowledge, to put together cross-sector information and analysis on anything from markets and brands to trends, developments, and recent innovations.

    Junior Account Planner

    Junior Account Planners help to represent the voice of the consumer in the agency. They are part of the team responsible for developing the key strategic insights that underpin advertising ideas.

    Junior Web Analytics Consultant

    Junior Web Analytics Consultants measure, collect and analyse internet and application data to inform and enhance online marketing strategies.

    Media Planner

    Media Planners develop strategies that determine which media channels should be used to communicate with a client’s target audience.

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Executive

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Executives make their clients’ websites more visible in paid-for search engine rankings. They undertake responsive real-time bidding to deliver valuable traffic for clients.

    Senior Account Planner

    Senior Account Planners represent the voice of the consumer in the agency. They take a lead role within the team responsible for developing the key strategic insights that underpin advertising ideas.

    Senior Data Analyst

    The Data Analyst explores historical, real time and future information to deepen understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors. They identify possibilities for a brand and shape the strategy presented to the client.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Executive

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Executives make their clients’ websites more visible in ‘natural’, organic, search engine rankings. This is the main body of the search engine results page, outside of the sponsored listings.


    Resource Manager

    A Resource Manager manages the planning and allocation of staff in an agency which requires people to be assigned to projects based on their skills, previous experience, availability, or project budget.

    Talent Manager

    The Talent Manager manages the plans and approaches to identify, engage, develop, reviews and retain those individuals in the agency who have the potential to be of greatest value to an organisation.