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We can help you sharpen your commercial acumen so that you can grow your business and become a more successful leader.

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The IPA programme on driving growth is centered around the outputs of the annual Business Growth Conference which is a heady mix of hearing from the most revered business thinkers and the publication of new research findings. The programme also includes other deep dive workshops on various aspects of how to run a commercially successful agency.

This year Business Growth Conference delegates were left in no doubt about how to reimagine their businesses, how to develop a growth mindset as well as the inside track on what advertisers are looking for from their agencies; brand, comms and experience. They heard it from the people in the know including Publicis Sapient’s Nigel Vaz, Oxford Leadership Founder Brian Bacon and Mirren Business Development’s Brent Hodgins.

The 350 delegates were also the first to learn about the six principles for successful pricing strategies and went away with a free copy of the IPA’s new learning on pricing strategies: The Price of Success. So if you missed it, catchup with the content and the videos here.

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Catchup with the outputs of the 2019 Business Growth Conference


    Keynote presentation from newly appointed IPA President. How can our industry become more commercially relevant to our clients to ensure their growth is our growth?

    Brian’s experience at Oxford Leadership is to help companies accelerate sustainable business performance. He shares his perspective on developing a growth mind set, in particular the relationship between personal and corporate growth.

    Marc Nohr, CEO, Fold7 and Lisa Thomas, Chief Brand Officer, Virgin look at the challenges that clients face to drive growth.

    Janet Markwick, Founder & CEO, Markwick Consulting and IPA Commercial Leadership Group and Sam Jordan, Executive Vice President, Manifesto Growth Architects, discuss how agencies can deliver value to their clients and what pricing models are available to them.

    Brent Hodgins, MD, Mirren Business Development, unveils the three most significant trends ahead, including a look at management consulting firms, in-housing and marketing technology. Brent Hodgins will share his thinking at his hands-on workshop in September.

    How is our industry evolving? What new business models are the new communication companies adopting and how do they see the future of the industry? The Fawnbrake Collective's Amelia Torode, Wonderhood Studios' David Abraham and Group of Human's Chris Clarke discuss.


    • Brent Hodgins: The Three Client Trends That Will Change How Agencies Are Selected - slides and more available at his hands-on workshop in September.

    The Price of Success

    • This white paper defines the challenges, competitors, complexity and commercial reality facing businesses and how using a wide range of pricing models can drive agency growth.


    Workshops - book your place

    Conference speaker Brent Hodgins, MD of Mirren Business Development, is delving further into how clients select their agency partners. This hands-on workshop will give you the opportunity to collaborate with other agencies, as you work through a series of principles, methods and exercises to begin future-proofing your agency.
    Tuesday, 17 September, 9am - 1pm, London

    This is a full day, interactive workshop taught across six modules to deepen your understanding of your client’s business. From finding out what drives their decisions to spotting business opportunities, and proving your value to them to understanding what their shareholders want.
    Thursday, 19 September, 9am - 5pm, online learning


    2019 Business Growth Conference sponsors


    Reimagining the value of Account Handling

    Join the discussion in defining the role of account handling and how it has changed in order to identify where the true value lies. 

    Learning to Drive Growth

    The IPA Continuous Professional Development (CPD) learning programme has been designed to help you drive growth from within your agency. Courses and events particularly aimed at helping delegates focus on business growth include:


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