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Join our drive to help you grow as a practitioner, grow your client base and ultimately grow your business.

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Marc Nohr, CEO of Fold7 and IPA's Commercial Leadership Group’s Chair continues his agenda to drive growth. It's a business imperative that aims to help agencies become more profitable and sustainable and make our industry as relevant and potent as ever.

Putting Growth on the Agenda

    Working with the IPA Commercial Leadership Group

    What we recognise as advertising and the advertising industry has changed shape hugely in recent years - with no sign of abating. We're presented with a clear choice - lament the changes and try to justify our existence, or reinvent ourselves.

    The IPA Commercial Leadership Group, is, of course, choosing the latter option. 

    Marc Nohr leads the IPA Group comprising a number of IPA agency heads, in looking at how agencies can transform themselves. Some of the areas they'll be looking at will include; what the advertising business can learn from others; what it sells and what its relationship with technology is.

    The findings shape Group meetings, outputs, content and of course are at the forefront of our flagship IPA event the Business Growth Conference. The only event of its kind in our industry to focus purely on growth the IPA Business Growth Conference hosts some of the biggest names in our industry who reveal their new drivers for growth, how agencies like theirs will be appointed going forwards and how we’ll all have to change to deliver the “new” value.

    We recognise that advertising, and the advertising industry, has recalibrated greatly, changing shape in recent years with no sign of abating. Which presents us with a clear choice - lament the changes and try to justify our existence, or reinvent ourselves to be as relevant and potent as ever. It's this latter option, which informs the CLG focus. If we seek to learn and grow as practitioners we will grow our clients and if we grow our clients we will grow our businesses. That's the principle.

    Marc Nohr, CEO, Fold7

    Highlights of the 2021 Business Growth Conference

    How do you respond to the biggest challenge your agency and your clients have ever faced? By making sure you’re equipped with the knowledge and the insight that can transform your business.

    At the 2021 conference, we looked at the future of work and business models, how behavioural economics can make us better at pricing and much more to help you drive commercial growth for you and your clients.

    • New report available for download: Gaining the competitive edge is the outcome of research undertaken by Opinium into the growing role of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in marcomms decision-making.
    Catch up with recordings of the 2021 conference sessions.


    Highlights of the 2020 Business Growth Conference

    At the 2020 conference, we brought knowledge and inspiration from outside our world, to help agencies become better equipped to grow their business next year. We also unveiled two new significant publications that explore the nature of client-agency commercial relationships which are available to download:

    • The Future of Brand and Agency Relationships, carried out by the Foresight Factory under Nigel Vaz’s presidential agenda (free for members, and conference attendees).  We've also made this available as a flipbook.
    • Pricing for Success, commissioned by the IPA Commercial Leadership Group and written by marketing advisory Alchemists (£25 for members, £50 for non-members).

    Learning to Drive Growth

    The IPA Continuous Professional Development (CPD) learning programme has been designed to help you drive growth from within your agency. Courses and events particularly aimed at helping delegates focus on business growth include:


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    Last updated 10 November 2021